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Saturday, 5 January 2019

What is root ? How to root android smartphone ?

What is Root ?

Rooting is the process that unlocks all system restriction from your smartphone restricted by devloper . After Rooting Yiu Have control over all system that means you have previliges to read,write & delete system files & data.

You can see if you try to remove system apps then you can't remove or uninstall it . But after rooting you can do all the such type of things .

What is an Advantages of Rooting :-

1. Install or Flash Custom Roms in your smartphone.

2. Uninstall unwanted or preinstalled system application .

3. You can install incompatible application in your phone.

4. In Rooted Device you can install latest Os with high features before their releases .

5. You can use some root required application to increase speed & battery performance .

Disadvantages of Rooting :-

There are three major disadvantages of Rooting .

1. Your Phone might be brick due to breach of security . Because after rooting you can't get any updates of security patch.

2. Forget Your Warranty of Smartphone :- After rooting device you will lose your warranty of smartphone. Because Now you can't get any updates by company . Therefore you will lose your warranty .

3. Updates Not Found :- Before Rooting your device Company regularly sent you security patches & updates . But after Rooting your device you have all over on your device . Therefore you can't get any security patches & uodates by company.

Now If your Decision are clear. Then One Question arise that -

How To Root Android Smartphone :-

▶▶There are two easiest way to rooting your phone. One way is Using Android & Second One is using Pc.

So, First We briefly talk about that how to root android smartphone using Android Device.

How to root Android Smartphone Using Android App

:- You can root you phone with one click Using Kingoroot App .

But There are one problem that Official Kingoroot App are not available on playstore. Therefore You need to download it from link given below .

Steps to Rooting Smartphone :-

1. Just Download & Install Kingoroot Apk From Given Link .

2. Open Application & Make Sure internet connection should be on .

3. Now Click on On Click Root .

4. Rooting Process will be started . Durring Process it's may be automatically reboot . So, Don't worry about it, It's normal thing durring rooting process.

5. Then it will be automattically start then open your kingo root app . You will see that your process will be continue.

6. Now if all done well then root will be installed successfully in your device

(Remember It's may be can't work in some device but don't worry then we have another option to do it )

▶▶KingoRoot Apk

How to Root Android Smartphone


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