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Sunday, 8 July 2018


How To Start Your Free Blog Or Website :-

There is a lot of ways to earn money from online . But most of them are scams. There are only some way that actually pay you for work . Just like a physical jobs where you work around 8-12 hrs. As initially you get 7000₹-15000₹ per month. But if you work same time on these ways then you can earn up to 10 times more than physical jobs.

There are some genuine way that you pay really for your work :-

1. Blogging/website

2. Affiliate Marketing

3. Freelancing [ / freelancer]

4. YouTube

You can see there are a lot of ways listed here for online earning.

But In this article we basically discussed about Blogging/website

Two Ways to start your website

:- #One is the paid Method 

#Second is the free method

If you start your website/blog first time then I'll prefer you to choose second method. That means free method .

You can start your free blog or website initially. If you have a passion about anything that you want to explain in written word. Then Blog/website is best platform for you . When you wrote 20-30 post on your sites with length of more than 100 words in each post . Then your blog will start ranking in google search engine. After ranking you can apply for Adsense & place ads on your sites.

There are a lot of person that collect more than 1000$ per month from their blog after being professional in this field.

In this article I'm gonna show you how to start free blog or website.

So, Lets discuss that how much platform available to create a free website :-

1.Blogger   ( )


▶Blogger is an one of the best platform for creating your free blog or website. Blogger is the official product of google company that allow any person to create a free blog Ex-

Best thing of this platform is you get easily approval for Adsense for your free blog & earn money. There are don't need to purchase a specific custom domain to apply for Adsense. Because it's a google product .

To create a free blog on you just need a google account . Then visit at & signup with your Gmail account.

Then think a suitable address for you website & select theme. Now you can write post or article as per your topic.

For More Info Visit :-

2. WordPress                          (

start Your free Blog or Website

▶Wordpress is another one best platform to start your free blog or website. Best part of this platform is that you can easily manage blog on this platform with user friendly WordPress application. It's allow you to access of more themes that you can change in your post. In this platform your Blog or website address can be this form Ex- . There are a lot of feature than blogger but here 1 major disadvantages are available. You can't apply your sub domain website for Adsense. For Ex website created on WordPress is in form of but you need custom domain to apply for Adsense like . You can only earn here with affiliate marketing.

Visit for info :-

So, I'll prefer you to if you are going to start your free blog. But if you have a custom domain then please install only WordPress on your hosting. So, Go & start your free Blog or website Now.

What platform will you choose for your free website/blog please comment below.

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