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Friday, 20 July 2018

How To Get Free SSL Security ? Convert Http sites into Https site

What is SSL Security ?

SSL Security :- SSL(Secure Socket Layers) is security service for website . In which when client or user of your site visit your website then confidential data is to be send to the server from client devices . In case if your website is not SSL secured then Attacker may be stole data of your users. 

Convert http sites into https sites

Basically SSL Security is work for website . SSL Secured website contains https:// in their url While SSL not secured sites contains http:// in their url .

What is major diffrence between Https & Http Based sites :-

Https Sites :- Https Sites are those Sites which is secured by SSL Security & You can See the Green Sign in their Urls . Basically Now a day Most of websites is Https Based.


How to get free SSL Security

Http Sites :- Basically Http sites are not secured by SSL certificate . Attacker may be hack or stole data from these sites when data is sent to the web servers from client


How to Convert http sites into https site

So, You can see that what is the diffrence between http & https sites .

Most Of hosting & domain provider also provide you SSL security to convert you site in https from http . But they charge some amount to do this features.

Like :- In GoDaddy they charged approx 299 ₹ / month .

How to Get Free SSL Security


But Do You Know That you can secure website with https green sign totally Free . There is no need to pay any amount to providers.

So, If you want to get free SSL certificate And Want to Convert Your http sites into https sites then please read full article carefully .


There is one most popular website That allow you to secure you site with https without any cost .

👉👉Site Name :- CLOUDFLARE

What is a cloudflare

You Can Easily secure your site in https with cloudflare. Cloudflare not only provide you SSL certificate . It's also provide you lot of features that are useful in off page seo . It's help to increase speed of your site .Minimize Java Script Codes & lot of another thing. 

So, Let's Come to the point. 


1. First of all you need to go cloudflare site. 

Visit :-

2. Then Sign up here with Email Address & Password .

3. After Succesfull Sign up . Login in Cloudflare Then your cloudflare dashboard will open .

(Please Choose Only Free Plan 0₹/Month)

4. Then Click on Add site option . Enter you site address like: - .

5. Then Cloudflare gives you Two nameservers 

Ex :- Ns.js.clouflare.oc                                             Nd.kd.cloudflare.ka (It's just a example your nameserver will be diffrent .

6. After then Go to your Domain Provider . In Manage Domains option select you domain & go to setting of your domain.

7. Here Click on your MANAGE DOMAIN option & Change Your NameServers with Cloudflare nameservers .

8. Then Go to Cloudflare dashboard .   After some time Refresh your page then it will show you active status. 

Web Devlopement

9. Then goto DNS option and allow all the term in just click on clouflare icons. 

10. Then Go to Crypto Option & scroll down here you will get "Always use Htpps site " option is disabled . You need to Enable it by just click on On option. 

11. After Some time open your site & you will See that your site is now secured with green Sign of https (SSL certificate) .

(I'm too use this site to secure my website. )

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