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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Top 5 Gadgets On Amazon in 2018

There are lot of tech gadgets in 2018. But I'm come with best gadgets out of them. So Let's start our countdown series.

1. ipega Game Controller Gamepad Joystick Wireless With Bluetooth (Black)


ipega game controller is most popular android game controlling gadget of 2018. It's a wireless bluetooth connectivity.So you can Easily connect it with your any smartphone & control your game. It's so compact & light in weight. 

So If you want to purchase it then best buy link given below

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2. Ufo Home Charger with 6 usb Ports


It's a portable ufo home charger with 6 usb port connectivity. In which you can charge 6 electronic devices with usb port. therefore i think you should buy it .

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3.JBL Go Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Mic (Black)


This JBL is most popular wireless speaker at resonabale price. Everyone know that jbl speaker is better than any another wireless speaker. It's is compact size & light in weight. therefore i keep it in this series..... ...... so, if you want to purchase then you can checkout from given link

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4. Hd Pen Camera with Voice-Video Recorder and Dvr-Hidden-Camcorder(16Gb),Black and Golden


This one of the best gadget ever & ever. It's like a spy camera that's attached in your phone. Now you can record anything without his knowing. so in my view it's a best spyware camere that you can use to record smartly anything. It's has 16gb of storage. So if you want to purchase it then you can checkout product from given link

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5. Alexa Echo Dot - Voice control your music, Make calls, Get news, weather & more - Black

Description:- This is one of the best gadget on amazon in 2018 in my view. You should purchase it. You can control all of electronic device with your voice. you can make calls,get news, ask temprature etc from it. It's basically a small AI (Artificial Intelligence). You can ask any type of thing . Therefore i think you should buy it. For more info you can check video of it on youtube. 

So if you want to purchase it then Buy now  from given link

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