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Friday, 8 June 2018

best ways to earn money from online

Brief Info

Hello Readers, In this article i'm going to bassically show you that Best Ways to Earn Money from online.

So Please Read Full article to know how many ways are available to earn money from online.

1. Blogging/website


It's most popular way to earn money from online.In now a days most of people make it full time job. Because you can earn upto 1000$ from succesfully blog.  Most of people earn such of blogs.But in this you need to keep patience. It's takes even upto 1 to 2 years to get more traffic on your site.

Most of student also adopt this way to earn money as part time job & they earn upto 100-400 $ a month (6000-25000₹).

So,why you can't make money from this . You need just a domain & Webhosting to make a blog or website. You don't need to know even coding language etc.Because most of webhosting provide you prebuild format of a website.You just need to uplod images & content(more than 100 words).It just simple.You can even start your free blog provide by google , ,wordpress,etc. Therefore i suggest  you to create a website based on your intrest.. & Keep Patience.So I think it's one of the great way out of Best Ways to Earn Money from online.

To Create Free Blog vist


If you want to purchase Domain & webhosting:-

2. Youtube:-


Youtube is another way to earn money from online. Lot's of youtuber earn 1000 of $ from it.Not all from google adsense while you can also earn more than it from sponsership after reaching above of 100k subscribers So It's a best way to earn money online from home

You just need to record video as per your intrest & upload it at google .It's take longer time to come under the view of people.But after Gaining Subscriber You can extract good quantity of amount from it. I think if you have any passion then you should use it.......

Lot of youtubers generate huge amount of money from youtube Ex- PewDePie, Technical Guruji,BB ki vines,Sandeep Maheswari Etc............

Benefit of Succesfull youtube channel:-

• Earn money from google Adsense.      • Promote your own website/blog or application.                                                    • Make money from sponsership.            • Increase sales of affilate marketing.

So,It's a also best option......

3. Affilate Marketing


Now a day Affilate market become most popular in now a days in which you need to join their affilate program & and if anyone purchase their product through your link. Then you Earn Direct Earning.

In now a Days most of blogger/youtuber earn good amount from affilate marketing . There is no need to invest you anything.

Just like this:-

If you don't have a huge friends or audience then you can take help of facebook ads that help to reach you product behind thousand & lakh people based on your budget.

There are lot of company & website that provide affilate program:-

Ex:- Amazon Affilate,Flipkart Affilate, Bluehost affilate etc.

Link of Amazon Affilate


4. Freelancing


Freelancing is a genuine way to work online. That pay you as per your work.  you can only earn here if you have a any skills listed following:-

  • Writing. Let's start with the obvious: freelance writing is the classic work-from-home job. ...

  • Video Editing

  • Programming

  • Editing and Proofreading. ...

  • Backlinks

  • Marketing and PR. ...

  • Seo

  • Transcription. ...

  • Website Building

  • Data Entry. ...

  • Application Building.

  • Virtual Assistant Work. ...

  • Logo Design

  • Online Tutoring Jobs. etc.

If you have any skill then you can earn upto 1000-3000$ month from these website.So If you are skilled then it's a best option to make money from online

Some Freelancing Website:-



I hope this article become usefull for you. Thank's to read full article


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